CooLifting - The Latest Red Carpet Treatment
Looking Younger with Coolifting
Simple, Effective and Non-Invasive
Face Rejuvenation Treatment with an Amazing Results
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What is Coolifting?

Coolifting is a new face, neck or decollate treatment that delivers results in minutes. It combines carbon dioxide and exclusive serum to lift, tighten and super hydrate your skin. Coolifting is natural and painless and provides hydration, wrinkle reduction and luminosity.  

This is the only treatment that combines a proprietary HA serum and CO2 spray. 

It leaves the skin looking and feeling tighter and firmer.

Why Coolifting?

Coolifting is the perfect treatment before a wedding, reunion, birthday, date, anniversary or any special occasion.

Check Amazing Results

Impress your family and friends with hydrated, luminous and ageless skin now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is NO downtime after CooLifting. In fact, it’s a perfect “Red Carpet” facial before a special event like a black tie dinner, wedding, or class reunion.

Post-treatment, you can return to your regular skin care regimen, with a good moisturizer followed by a mineral sunscreen. These guidelines also apply if you get CooLifting “maintenance” facials.

Yes. CooLifting can be used on all skin types or degrees of pigmentation.

CooLifting can be used in conjunction with microneedling, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other procedures to reduce the redness and inflammation caused by these procedures.

There is an immediate luminosity to the skin. You will also notice a lifting/tightening effect within 12-24 hours of the facial. Initial treatment results can last up to 2 weeks, but Clients who sign up for a package of three treatments see longer term results.  Clients with bi- monthly follow-ups see substantial improvement over time.

No Pain, No Downtime

Get exceptional wrinkle reduction without any pain or downtime, so you can continue your daily routine while looking younger and feeling confident!

Red Carpet Treatment

Looking Younger with Coolifting – simple, effective and non-invasive face rejuvenation treatment!

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