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Why try to repair old skin when you can create your own New Skin?

Scientific research shows that the defensin- molecule can reprogram dormant cells in our body to generate visibly newer, healthier and truly youthful NEW SKIN.

Scientists at DefenAge implemented this revolutionary discovery in our formulas. Defensins are exclusive to DefenAge, the technology is patent-pending, and may be combined with almost any skin care regimen.

DefenAge is proven in 15 clinical studies


Study shows that skin can naturally turn back the clock

  • PoreEraser
  • AcneMender
  • WrinkleRemover
  • MelaninMasker
  • TreatmentMultiplier
  • GlobalFixer

Multi-center placebo-controlled double-blind clinical study shows that DefenAge’s Clinical Power Trio “globally improves the visual appearance of aging skin” and “offers most of the advantages of time-honored retinols as well as newer but widely used growth-factor containing cosmeceuticals, without irritation or inflammation, sun-sensitivity, or concerns about neoplasia of the treated skin.”

Journal of Drugs in Dermatology 2018, 17(4): p. 426-441
Amy Taub MD, Vivian Bucay MD, Gregory Keller MD, Jay Williams PhD, and Darius Mehregan MD


visible health, radical age correction



“The clinical results put DefenAge into the best-in-class category for age-reversing skincare. This truly is a landmark product.”
Vivian Bucay, MD, Dermatologist, Texas
“DefenAge really represents a major advanced paradigm shift seen once per decade. The science is remarkable.”
Amy Taub, MD, Dermatologist, Illinois
“DefenAge resulted in significant skin improvement to patient wrinkles, texture, pigmentations, and pores within six weeks without any remarkable side-effects.”
Gordon Sasaki, MD, FACS, California  



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“Overall, my skin quality has improved 100%. … As an esthetician of 25 years, I am so thrilled to have discovered DefenAge product.“Alma Rose Middleton, Esthetician, California

“In six short weeks I experienced dramatic improvements in the radiance, texture, and appearance of my complexion. Defenage exceeded all of my expectations. Never before have I endorsed a product.“E. L., Hawaii

“… I have had so many compliments on how good my skin looks and I owe it all to this product.“Dana Hanse, California

“I have spent thousands on high end products and organic health store product natural solutions. This is the only product that doesn’t cause my eyes to be puffy in the mornings. Everyone has commented on how great my skin looks.“P.N., California

DefenAge “is the next biggest game-changer in topical products for anti-aging.”

Dermatology Times


“The answer to aging is here. When used diligently, standout results can finally be achieved at home.”Beauty Report

“I’ve been going back and forth about getting Botox, but after starting this routine, I can hold off a little longer.”Cosmopolitan

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